AgResearch Ltd

Postal Address

AgResearch Invermay, Invermay Agricultural Centre, Private Bag 50034, Mosgiel 9053

Short Description

Agriculture is one of New Zealand’s largest export income earners, and AgResearch plays a key role in delivering new knowledge and technologies to support the sector. Its two focus areas of research are in creating smart, sustainable farming systems, and the most sought-after food and bio-products. These are intrinsically linked – without the right systems we cannot help create quality agri-based products, and we know that the consumer also wants to be sure that their choice of product comes without an environmental cost.

Involvement in MELS

AgR leads WP2 and is involved in WP1, WP2, WP3, WP5 and WP6.

People Involved

Dr. Cecile De Klein

Dr. Tony van der Weerden

Dr. Alasdair Noble

Dr. Jiafa Luo


Dr. Priscila Simon