Agricultural Research Institute (INIA Chile)

Postal Address

Fidel Oteiza 1956, pisos 12, Providencia, Santiago, Chile



Short Description

The Instituto de Investigaciones Agropecuarias (Institute for Agriculture Research, INIA Chile) is a private and non-profit corporation ( being the main research institute of the Ministry of Agriculture in Chile. It was founded in 1964, and is head by a National Director. INIA has an External Directive Council with 7 members, chaired by the Ministry of Agriculture. The main INIA’s aims is to generate and transfer knowledge and strategic technologies on a global scale, to produce innovation and improve the competitiveness of the agri-food sector. It has a national coverage from North to South with 10 Regional Research Centres, Experimental Centres, Technical Offices, laboratories, libraries and gene banks. INIA has qualified professionals and technical staff fully dedicated to research and technology transfer. One of the main Research Centres, INIA Remehue, is located in the Lagos Region (, which focuses on research in livestock and potato production. As part of this work there is a research group in Environment and Livestock production, with research projects on manure management, greenhouse and ammonia gases and nutrient losses to the environment. INIA has research staff, infrastructure, laboratories and field equipment to carry out research and disseminate the information to advisers, farmers and students.

Involvement in MELS

INIA Chile is involved in all work packages (WP1 to WP6), where main contribution will be to incorporate a Latin American point of view in the differents project´s work packages.

People Involved

Dr. Francisco Salazar