Irish Food and Agriculture Development Authority

Postal Address

Crops, Environment, and Land Use Research Centre, Johnstown Castle, Co. Wexford, Y35 TC97, Ireland



Short Description

Teagasc mission is to support science-based innovation in the agri-food sector and wider bioeconomy so as to underpin profitability, competitiveness and sustainability. Teagasc is an applied research organisation, focused on the needs of the Irish agri-food industry. Research is conducted in four programme areas, one of the largest of which is the Crops, Environment and Land Use programme. As well as 912 hectares with accompanying animal accommodation and handling/measurement facilities for research on dairy, beef, sheep and pigs, Teagasc has a network of 84 BETTER farms – real commercial farms which apply the latest best practice developed by Teagasc. In addition, Teagasc hosts 14,000 discussion group members, has 45,000 farmer clients and communicates with 140,000 Irish farmers.

Involvement in MELS

Teagasc is involved in all work packages. It is contributing to all tasks in WP1 and will support the data collation and incorporation of mitigation strategies into the database in WP2. In WP3, Teagasc will contribute to development and parameterization of component models. The evaluation of the potential to improve emissions estimates in farm scale decisions support tools will be led by Teagasc in WP4. Teagasc will lead the assessment of mitigation costs and contribute to the survey, consultation and model tasks in this WP. Teagasc will contribute recommendations to improve national inventory methodologies in WP5. Teagasc will finally lead the co-ordination of WP6.

People Involved

Dr, Saoirse Cummins


Dr. Donal M O’Brien


Dr. Marion Cantillon